Non-Governmental Organization
“Institute of Cognitive Modeling”

Non-Governmental Organization

“Institute of Cognitive Modeling”

With the help of social projects we are changing the world for the better

With the help of social projects we are changing the world for the better

About us

What are we?

We are a Non-Governmental Organization with our personal vision of the future

Our goal?

To build a modern civil society with high level of awareness and synergy where human rights are respected and protected

Why do we do it?

Our existence is caused by social needs and realities of Ukrainian life. We strive to foster a culture of mental health and respect for human rights and freedoms by intoducing social projects.

What do we do?

We develop effective public communications and implement them.
We conduct sociological research and study of the small and large social group psychology, as well as research of socio-political attitudes in the population.

We provide assistance in the development / construction of civil society.
We implement many types of beneficial social works which aim at population development; create programs and crisis exit strategies for the disadvantaged and social groups.


Online psychological support platform "Tell me"

“Tell me” Is a large multi-channel project of psychological assistance provided to Ukrainians during the period of pandemic, quarantine and economic crisis. The purpose of the project is to provide help to everyone in need of emotional support, free-of-charge consultations, assistance in relation to the spread of COVID-19. The idea to ​​create an online platform did not occur in the Institute team by chance. Quarantine not only changed the usual life rhythm of Ukrainians, but also affected their emotional state.

The project brings the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Cognitive Modeling resources together, as well as a wide pool of volunteers, doctors and psychologists. The team of the platform operates using the method of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CPT), which is one of the most common forms of psychotherapeutic care for people with diverse psychological problems.

Case “ Coronavirus_Info”

“Coronavirus_Info” is a volunteer initiative that has become the most popular platform for country-wide communication. For many Ukrainians, it has become one of the main sources of information about the COVID-19 epidemic.

Currently the project audience amounts to almost 4.5 million users, and the Ukrainian public Coronavirus_Info is among the top four most popular and reliable publics about the corona in the world.

Cooperation and collaboration

There are world and Ukrainian scientific institutions, public organizations and companies among our partners and friends. Join the advanced community!

Our team

Project head manager
Olha Korbut

Volunteer team

Oksana Moskalenko
Digital specialist
Inna Gasiak


We are always open to new creative contacts and suggestions.
Communicate with us in the manner most convenient to you.
Call, write, come over!

Kyiv, 40 Predslavyns’ka str.

+38 068 308 7474


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